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Day 11

This first picture was actually from the night of day 10. At Mt. Rushmore, they have a ceremony each night that ends with the lighting of the figures. This picture was taken about 10:00 PM at night.

Now back the next day. I know, two pictures, but it's Mt. Rushmore. We were lucky to get this shot between rain showers.

This picture gives you an idea of the terrain in the Black Hills (so named because the dense pines make the hilltops look black from a distance) around Mt. Rushmore. You can easily see how you could find a place to carve such a large monument.


Just a deer we passed on the side of the road. We also saw several prairie dog towns, but didn't shoot photos of them today, since we saw them last week.

Our second planned stop of the day was at the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD. This excavation site used to be a sink hole. The mammoths (and other animals) would go down the steep sides to reach the water. They then could not climb back out and so died. So far, over a hundred different mammoths have been identified in a 130' x 165' area. The dig is only 60' deep. It was a very interesting tour with several chances to view actual bones in the process of being slowly removed from the earth. Nancy was disappointed she didn't get to see their compact shelving where they store the items. Good grief.

These buffalo appeared to be on a ranch. Many of the restaurants in the area serve buffalo on the menu. Note the gray one toward the right of the image.

Have you ever heard of Wall Drug or seen the signs or bumper stickers for it? This drug store is a pretty famous place in the area. It's really more than a drug store. It's kind of a mini mall and museum. A cup of coffee here is still 5 cents.

The Badlands National Park is a place that Mike really wanted to see. You can easily see where the name came from. This is some very rugged country. Reminds Nancy of Star Trek locations. This was taken in a wind so strong that Nancy had to hang on to the car so as not to be blown over - really!

The fun picture of the day. In Custer, SD we found Dino. There's always a blow-up something wherever we go. You just never know quite what it will be.

Dakota, Minnesota and Eastern #4003 is switching in the Rapid City, SD yard in the morning.

This afternoon DM&E freight is moving west bound just west of Wall, SD with #6096 on the point.

DME # 6093 in the Rapid City yard this evening. This and the previous show several former CP engines with just enough painted over to become DME.

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