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Day 2

Our first full day in Wyoming. Since we will be on the road all day tomorrow, today was a day to take it easy. We did take a few shots around the Colyar house up on Casper Mountain. Yesterday we had a shot from the house showing the view down over Casper with a rain storm approaching. Today we turned the cameras around and shot back up at the mountain from the house.

Actually we walked up to the top of a little knoll to shoot these. The top left one is looking up a draw. There is a creek coming down that draw where wild raspberries grow. Nancy's shot on the right shows wildflowers and cacti growing at our feet. In her picture below you can see a piece of the road on the right. The house is just across that road.

Well, Mike has had about as much of taking it easy as he can stand. He and his Dad (Willis) take of on a short excursion to a place that Mike picked on the map not too far from Casper. It's down Boxelder (sic) Road to a place called Boxelder (sic). This loop took us about 2 hours to make. The rock formations were wonderful. This first shot is interesting because it shows the curved rock formation to the top right.

You really get the idea of mountain ranges in this shot. We seem to be on a very high mountain meadow. Note the creek in the bottom right. Also note the haze. There are small forest fires all over Wyoming this week and this is some of the smoke from a blaze south of Casper.

We also saw much wildlife. Several deer, antelope, prairie dogs, horses and a bunch of cattle. The deer hang around watering holes like this one.

Just a couple of small images to show some of the rock formations.

Nancy and Frances went antiquing. Saw some nice Fiestaware and only very expensive railroad items which we decided not to buy.

Back at the house. What a beautiful sunset. That's it for today. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something better than a 14400 dial up connection and will post a bit larger pictures.


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