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Day 3

Day three. We spent all day today driving from Casper, Wy to Bozeman, MT. We didn't take too much time out for pictures today but we did take a few.

Just after we started we came across this buck with his antlers still in velvet.

As mentioned yesterday, there are forest fires all over Wyoming and Montana. Here is one where you can see the smoke rising along this mountain side.

We took a side rode up through Lodge Grass, MT in hopes of catching some BNSF trains. No trains on this section today, but we did come across this nice view of the Little Big Horn river. Can you find the little duck in the water?

Ah. Trains! This engine (#120) and caboose (#1101) is a remote control set for the Montana Rail Link (MRL) railroad. The remote electronics are actually located in the caboose.

A west bound mixed freight led by BNSF 9521. Note the four signal posts for the multiple tracks. This shot like the MRL above was taken in Laurel, MT.

Mike here. I had to laugh about this one. I saw the train up ahead and hit the breaks to pull over on the shoulder of I-90. Nancy was sound asleep in the passenger seat. She woke up and reached for her camera before she even knew what it was we were stopping for. Not a bad shot for someone still trying to get the sleep out of her eyes.

We made it to Bozeman. We met Nancy's parents at the hotel and visited over diner. Tomorrow we will "railfan" around the Bozeman and Livingston area. Maybe we will visit the Bozeman computer museum. A museum dedicated to the history of the computer. Well, that's it for today.

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