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Day 8

Our plan today was to drive the Going-to-the-Sun road in Glacier National Park. Smoke from forest fires in Washington has blown over and made it a very hazy day. Early morning didn't start out too bad, but by the afternoon it was almost a white out. Here are some shots of Lake MacDonald from the side of the road on the way up the west side of Logan Pass.

Up at Logan Pass, we stepped off the boardwalk onto a well worn path to get a better picture of Heavenly Mountain.

Walking down this path we walked head onto this guy. We named him Rocky. Rocky was more stubborn than us so we let him have his path and headed back.

Nancy got a better shot of the mountain from the boardwalk anyway.

Here are some flowers we saw and a very friendly ground squirrel.

Driving down the east side of the pass just before St. Mary's lake, Mike had to dodge over into the left lane of the road to a collision with a big black bear. As Nancy's window was down and the bear was on her side of the car, we didn't stop until after passing the bear. By the time we got the camera out, the bear was gone.

Anyway, we shot these pictures on the way down the east side.

We decided to head back around Hwy 2 around the south end of the park instead of going back over the pass. We stopped again at Goat Lick Creek and had our third sighting of mountain goats. These were a little closer. I think these have caught Nancy's attention more than any other wildlife on the trip.


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